Giving Something Back is Part of the HAV Business Plans

A lot of planning goes into every real estate development project. From land acquisition and obtaining permits to actual construction and the finishing touches, there’s much to accomplish.

Early in his career, Jim Arnhold made a genuine commitment to giving something back as a regular feature of his real estate development career. From the beginning, HAV has sought to find ways to preserve open space for the enjoyment of families living in new neighborhoods.

Sometimes, the HAV team accomplishes a unique goal. They preserved an old barn in one neighborhood, allowing it to be repurposed into a children’s school. In Heritage Park, Jim and the project’s other partners provided 92 acres of land for Equi-Kids, a therapeutic riding program for special needs individuals and groups. Equi-Kids made a deep impression on Jim Arnhold — so much that he helped raise money to fund the organization and became a member of the board of directors.

At HAV, giving back is more than good business; it’s good for our communities and the families who live in them.

Giving Equi-Kids a Leg Up in Heritage Park

heritage park equikidsJim Arnhold’s longstanding commitment to preserving open space came together with a great program for helping special needs children in 2007, when Arnhold and his associates spearheaded the donation of 92 acres of Heritage Park to Equi-Kids Therapeutic Riding Program.

One of the largest accredited equine riding programs in the country, Equi-Kids also offers a school partnership program for special needs students at local elementary and middle schools, as well as an EQUI-VETS program to offer equine-assisted activities to wounded servicemen and servicewomen.

Arnhold was instrumental in organizing the multi-million dollar capital campaign to build the Equi-Kids facility in Heritage Park and in an endowment program to sustain it. He currently serves on the organization’s board of directors.

An article about Jim Arnhold and the Equi-Kids program was featured in Inside Business. Read more here.

Sherwood Lakes

sherwood lakesTwo gaping borrow pits, where sand had been excavated to depths of 40 feet and more, were prominent features of the land Jim Arnhold and HAV wanted to purchase for a new community. Where others saw an obstacle, the HAV team saw an opportunity.

Now the Sherwood Lakes community on Princess Anne road features a scenic lake, a park that intertwines with walking trails, and playground areas with picnic tables are nestled throughout. More than preserving open space, HAV managed to enhance it.